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The time keeper recording the possession time shall reset the clock to 20 seconds when. It is analogous with the play clock used in american and canadian football, and the pitch clock used in baseball. The deck clock features a ruggedized polyethylene enclosure that is both water and sun resistant and completely corrosion free. Water polo is a game of numberscap numbers, shot clocks, game clocks, exclusion clocks, periods, team scores, individual points, goalie saves, exclusion minutes, and the list goes on. Alternately, the shot clocks can be connected directly to. Can be connected to the water polo referee console, display the match timer and shot clock. Macgregor wireless basketball shot clock game timer set. Concentrate on improving your rotation to follow through and speed up the shot. They make great, reliable scoreboards, 30second clocks and other water polo electronics, and they provide premium equipment at outstanding prices.

Whatever your level of play, your waterpolo scoreboards must display the following information at least. Learn to hit the corners and bunny the goalie with this shooting aid. Shot strategy is important to building your water polo game. Shooting in water polo is a basic skill for attackers. The water polo software includes the water polo interface, one pushbutton, keyboard insert, and the manual. Software can be provided with your initial purchase, or added. The five apps are wp shotclock, wp gameclock, wp masterclock, wp scoresheet and season manager.

Playpass is built for mobile and works beautifully on tablets and computers. Water polo is a team water sport of swimming with and without the ball, throwing, catching, and shooting the ball. The 35 shot clock is shut down when there are fewer than 35 seconds on the game clock at the time of your most recent resetting of the shot clock. The built in handle allows for easy carrying from point to point. Club assistant provides an easytosetup, easytoregister and easytoreconcile online club management software. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping water. Management of the 14 and 24 seconds in basketball and the 30 seconds in water polo. Water polo water polo how to water polo wonderhowto. Club assistant online club management software is simple to use. What sets colorado time systems equipment apart for us is the value proposition. Rugged exterior body, affordable, lightweight and very portable make kf4 shot clock a very effective water polo training equipment.

Water polo online club and team management club assistant. They are also innovators, offering new solutions in score keeping as well as training tools. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping water polo games at school pools or other pool facilities. Water polo score software free download water polo score. Shop the largest selection of water polo scoreboards at the webs most popular swim shop.

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional scoreboard. It supports over 40 match types, including ball games, combat, gymnastics, aquatics and winter sport and so on. The model sc water polo shot clock interfaces with cts sports timers to provide full shot clock capabilities. Waterpolo shot clock for ios free download and software. Our water polo timing system and scoreboard offers the most advanced portable sports timing system available anywhere in the world. A tool that will help you turn any computer into a realistic water polo scoreboard without the high cost of a physical scoreboard. Water polo scoreboard pro features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface, allowing for. Looking for the discontinued version of water polo scoreboard deluxe v1. Shot clock keyboard possession time control unit bodet sport. The kit30s is composed of two 30seconds display panels, a command console, and a 24v power supply unit which secures isolation of the electrical power supply. The secretary advises the water polo management on smooth running of the match. Includes display of game clock, shot clock, and team scores.

Club assistant is the largest provider of water polo online club management software. Oct 15, 2014 custom water polo scoreboard with shot clocks. Water polo canada canadian water polo association inc. Have your case number available if one has been assigned to you. The kf4 water polo shot clock displays 20 and 30seconds ball possession time to add intensity and realism in training. You can run a water polo match with a table full of people pushing pencils, or you can use ists poloware system and let your laptop do the work. Field players can only use one hand, while the goaltender can use both. This allows a user to control the game clock and shot clocks with a pushbutton. Colorado time systems offers a couple of different options for your water polo shot clocks. Its functions include scoring software fiba rule, referee controller, 24s shot clock, etc. The name of the scoreboard you would like to purchase including the features such as control screen. It is traditionally played in all deep water, however, can be played in any type of pool or open water basin. Water polo show your scores with waterpolo scoreboards whatever your level of play, your waterpolo scoreboards must display the following information at least.

A shot clock is also used in snooker, mens lacrosse, water polo, korfball, and tenpin bowling. A site license is priced at the cost of 3 individual lifetime licenses of the scoreboard. The deck clock can be used as a game shot clock for water polo, or set to pace in time of day. The all sport 5500 series controllers are versatile units designed to control the colorsmart scoring system. This is the wp shotclock application, one of five applications in my wp environment bundle. Our water polo scoreboard software transforms your pc into a virtual water polo scoreboard. Water polo was the first team sport ever played at the olympic games. Ejection clock support our singleuser console allows you to run the ejection clock no additional person or stopwatch is necessary. The time period of match clock is 8 minutes for each period. Water polo scoreboard and timing systems perfect score timing. Water polo league and club management software that saves you time try our free schedule maker, registration software, referral program, waiver solution, or water polo website builder.

The exclusion clock is the period when the participator is sin binned for 30 seconds. If you require technical assistance to troubleshoot your system, please call from where the equipment is located and have everything connected and powered up. These shot clocks can also be used as pace clocks when you are not. It can be used to display scoreboard during the match, display the advertistments and export the match results. It can be indicated a shot clock in water polo game. The kit30s is designed for displaying ball possession time and timeout in water polo. Display the information of socre, player and referee. Typically, the shot clocks are connected to the sports timer via an interface box.

Stramatel has developed a complete range of equipment for aquatic sports such as water polo or swimming timing our equipment is studied and designed by our design office in close relation with the sports federations of the sports concerned. Water polo is played in three clocks including the match clock, the shot clock and the exclusion clock. Single user control one person can control all aspects of the game including score, ejection management, game clock and shot clock control. The sport is played in the water so the players must have swimming skills along with skills such as throwing, catching, and passing. Download football scoreboard software for pc for free. Software can be provided with your initial purchase, or added at a later date via internet download or usb installation.

It is wireless, batteryoperated and easily set up in a few minutes. The shot clock shall not be reset when the team that was in possession of the ball retains possession. Along with this, he updates the score on the electronic board and gives signal if one minute is left for the completion of the quarter or match. To purchase a site license or for more information about site licenses, contact us with the following information. Only one person needed to control the entire game because the master controller controls all clocks game, shot, and ejection you no longer need multiple people to track the game. Features colorcoded keys and a large character display with a quick start guide easily changes sports by entering a. Our water polo scoreboard software transforms your pc into a virtual water polo scoreboard using the computer and display you already have. Poloware3 water polo software international sports timing. At national level, foul by player display and attack time 30 seconds are compulsory. Water polo scoreboard software turn your computer into a.

Made from rugged rot resistant interwoven nylon material. Water polo waterproof scoreboards for pool areas bodet sport. The role of the time keeper is to use 30 second clock and shot clock. Water polo scoreboard software turn your computer into a water. Water polo shot requires good height out of the water, arm position, shoulder rotation, and head stall.

The sport is played between two teams, each having six players and one goalkeeper. This is the perfect tool to keep track of the score of your games. Now includes 2 shot clock reset times for fina 2019 rule changes. The colorado system shuts down the 35 second clock automatically.

This allows them to be tested and approved by users and officials click on your aquatic sport, you will find our corresponding products. Colorado led scoreboards require an adapter cable to work with ist shotgame clocks. Water polo scoreboard pro v2 now includes two shot clock reset times to meet recent fina 2019 rule changes. Download football scoreboard software for pc for free windows. Water polo scoreboard pro free download and software. The game consists of four quarters in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into their opponents goal, with the team with the most goals at the end of the game winning the match. There is no reason to reward a team that is keeping possession of the ball a new shot clock.

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